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ROBLOX is a multiplayer online game where it’s players are able to create their own game and play other games created by the community. Players with an account on ROBLOX can customize their avatar with hats, clothing, gear and more and if they have a Builders Club membership, they can create their own clothing for themselves and for other players to buy copies of, for ROBUX (the main currency of ROBLOX).


ROBLOX has two virtual currencies, ROBUX and Tickets. ROBUX is mostly used for buying items such as perks for games and avatar items where Tickets (also known as Tix), the lower value currency of ROBLOX, is mostly used for bidding on advertisements for your game to get it noticed by the community. Tickets can also be used in the same way as ROBUX, but will often cost more ue to how much the difference in value there is between the two currencies.

You can also make a living out of ROBLOX. In 2014, ROBLOX paid out over 1 million dollars to developers across the world just by creating games on the platform with it’s Developer Exchange system. It’s simple – the developer reaches a certain amount of ROBUX and they get paid for it!

I created NewsBlox to bring you the latest ROBLOX news, updates as well as Roblox scripting tutorials, merchandise and membership information. Being a very devout player of ROBLOX I like to help out in the community on my AlvinBLOXX account.

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