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As well as writing on NewsBlox I also create YouTube videos on my channel based around Roblox! I teach people how to script and create games in Roblox Studio. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date with the latest videos I release. Thanks for visiting!

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NewsBlox is a website all about Roblox – the super popular gaming platform played by millions. This site was created by Roblox gamer and scripter AlvinBlox to reach Roblox players all over the world who want to create their own games.

The great thing about Roblox is that YOU make the game. Developers are given amazing tools which can be used to create top quality games for the community as well as the ability to cash in on their success with the DevEx system.

I’m here to help with any questions you have about scripting on Roblox. Further down the page you can find all of my Roblox scripting tutorials (also available on my YouTube channel here)

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Roblox Carrying Case Review – An Easy Way To Store Your Roblox Toy Collection!

| Uncategorized | No Comments
In this review, I'm going to look at the Roblox Carrying Case, created by Life Made Better which gives you an easy way to store your Roblox toys and blind…

Roblox Tools Tutorial – Learn How To Make A Tool On Roblox

| Uncategorized | No Comments
My latest Roblox tutorial teaches you how to make a tool on roblox. This can be useful if you're a developer making a FPS game or a sword fighting game.…

Roblox Trail Tutorial – How To Make A Trail On Roblox

| Scripting Tutorials | No Comments
Roblox Trail Tutorial My latest Roblox trail tutorial will show you how to make a trail on Roblox using scripting. Trails in Roblox are made up of three elements, a trail object…
This article will show you how to get on the front page on roblox!

Get Roblox Front Page – Secrets Revealed, Myths Debunked

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A question which I get asked all the time as a Roblox developer is, "AlvinBLOX, can you show us how to get Roblox front page?". It is a great question…

Roblox Custom Scaling Tutorial – Change Your Character’s Size

| All things Roblox | No Comments
Be sure to watch the video below! Want to subscribe? Click here!

Roblox Role Play Job GUI – Choose any Job for Role Playing!

| All things Roblox | No Comments
Be sure to watch the video below! Want to subscribe? Click here!

Roblox – Sound Effects Tutorial

| All things Roblox | No Comments
Be sure to watch the video below! Want to subscribe? Click here!

How To Fix Scripting Errors In Roblox Studio – Debugging Tutorial

| Scripting Tutorials | No Comments
How To Fix Scripting Errors In Roblox Studio (if you don't understand any of the words used in this article, a glossary is at the bottom) I always get asked…

The Big 31,000 R$ Gift Has Been Uploaded To Roblox!

| Roblox Items | No Comments
Welcome to this article about the Roblox Big Halloween Gift! It's that time of year again where ROBLOX builds up to Halloween by releasing a set of virtual gifts. The…

How To Enable R15 in ROBLOX by AlvinBlox

| Roblox animation | No Comments
Just published! This Roblox tutorial will show how to enable R15. What is R15 in Roblox? R15 is the brand new Roblox avatar which has rolled out in the past…

ROBLOX Two Step Verification Tutorial – How To Keep Your Account Secure!

| All things Roblox | No Comments
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How To Enable Two Step Verification On Roblox

| Safety | No Comments
Welcome to this tutorial on how to enable Two Step Verification on ROBLOX. Two Step Verification is a new feature added by ROBLOX which allows you to keep your account…

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Roblox Gamer

Ethan is a cool YouTuber, he does lots of gaming videos and I love watching them. He also does product reviews of toys which I like on his 2nd channel.

Peaspod a.k.a Dom

Roblox Developer

Peaspod got me interested in Roblox scripting and has been a great help along the way.


Gamer, Author, Legend.

DanTDM has awesome Roblox gaming videos which I find entertaining to watch.


Roblox Gamer

Fraser is a great YouTuber who makes family friendly gaming videos. He features games which don't usually get much attention on Roblox which is awesome. I love watching his videos.