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Roblox Carrying Case Review – An Easy Way To Store Your Roblox Toy Collection!

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In this review, I’m going to look at the Roblox Carrying Case, created by Life Made Better which gives you an easy way to store your Roblox toys and blind boxes.

The carrying case comes in 4 different colours Pink, Green, Red and Blue and each case can fit up to 60 Roblox toys inside. There is also a handy area for you to keep your blind boxes so that you can collect them. There is no need for you to break up bits of plastic to create custom compartments because the case becomes ready made for you to store your Roblox figures and each compartment fits the toys and boxes.

If you have kids who are big fans of the Roblox game and love to show off their Roblox toys with their friends, then you need to buy this case for them. There is no need to worry about losing your figures as the case has a sturdy lock and a large handle to carry the case with. As there are 40 characters in the first series of Roblox Toys, you’re going to need a good storage solution to pack away all of the toys and this carry case does the job.


  • Easily store your Roblox toys
  • Never worry about losing any toys during transportation
  • Different colours


  • Compartments can’t be moved or switched around

Here are what some of the reviews say about the product:

“This item was delivered very quickly and was exactly as advertised! If you have the Roblox character boxes, this case will fit many of the exterior boxes and the storage areas fit the accessories from the packs such as Pizza Place and High School etc. Ordering two more now to fit our entire set of the first 40 figures!”

“Perfect organizer for the ROBLOX collection!”

Buy yours now at Amazon:

Roblox Trail Tutorial – How To Make A Trail On Roblox

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Roblox Trail Tutorial

My latest Roblox trail tutorial will show you how to make a trail on Roblox using scripting. Trails in Roblox are made up of three elements, a trail object and two attachments which tell the trail where to start and where to end. Similar to ParticleEmitters, you can customize many properties of trails such as the lifetime, length, colour and texture.

You don’t need much scripting knowledge to complete this Roblox trail tutorial. What we will be scripting is an event which checks for when a player enters the game. When they enter the game, we will clone the trail out of the ServerStorage and into their character and they will be linked with two attachments which are in the Head and the HumanoidRootPart.

The colour can be changed to either a solid colour or a sequence which you can edit. For example, you could have a sequence which goes through all of the colours of the rainbow, which I show you in the tutorial. The new Trail feature can be used in lots of games, one of the most common uses for it is in a shop GUI. You could have a button which inserts the trail into the player’s character when clicked if they have enough money, or if they buy a gamepass, you could award the trail to them. As you can easily customise the trail this means that there are lots of different combinations that you will be able to set up for the user to buy.

roblox trail tutorial

The colour sequence editor for trails, shown in this Roblox trail tutorial.

I’ve been making Roblox scripting tutorials for 2 years now and I love making creative projects like this one, mainly because there are lots of different possibilities of what you can make. As Roblox is the Imagination Platform, you can pretty much make anything on it if you imagine it, which is why I love it.

Watch the video below to learn how to make a trail on Roblox and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for quality Roblox scripting content:

This article will show you how to get on the front page on roblox!

Get Roblox Front Page – Secrets Revealed, Myths Debunked

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A question which I get asked all the time as a Roblox developer is, “AlvinBLOX, can you show us how to get Roblox front page?”. It is a great question and it is one which has many answers. Today though, I’m going to share a few tips with you which can help you get your game on to the front page. I’ve seen these techniques being put to the test and they do work.

Firstly, we start with the whole pandemonium of clickbait. This is the number one, super top thing that you MUST NOT do. It’s everywhere, in YouTube videos, adverts and even in Roblox games. What seems a great way to drive players to your game and get Roblox front page status by using false advertising isn’t actually the greatest way of trying to get your game popular. It will actually end up in you losing players and revenue. Why, you ask? It’s simple. Player finds clickbait game, plays it, immediately leaves because it wasn’t what they expected and clicks the thumbs down button. As more and more people find your game which you’ve advertised / sponsored and become disssapointed, the thumbs down ratings soon overtake the likes. This brings up red flags on Roblox’s end and can end up with your game being put under review, which means you lose revenue from advertising as you aren’t getting any players.

So, the big question still remains and we shall go on to answer it now with one great tip. You want to know how to get on the front page on Roblox if you’re a developer who’s going unknown so you’re about to find out:


1. Launch onto one category, then use it to propell onto other categories – OK, so you see the Top Rated category on the games page? This is one of the best category to target because you don’t need thousands of visits or concurrent players to get onto it. All you need is a solid and healthy ratio of likes to dislikes on your game. This shows to Roblox that your game is liked by most players and within a few days of having a good ratio, your game will skyrocket up the rankings. A great case study to look at here is Steam Age, a game by Roblox developer Steven1411. I remember when Steven released this game to the public for beta testing. In the first 2 weeks it got about 80 likes and hardly any dislikes. Boom. Top Rated status was awarded and his game started to gain traction from it. Still, one year on, the game is still prospering and has an amazing like to dislike ratio.. Just look at the picture!

Steam Age's Likes Ratio which shows how to get roblox front page easily

Damn son, where’d you find those likes?

This just goes to show how you do not need to be popular already to get featured. But, how to you drive likes? It’s simple! But, I’m not saying this won’t take much effort. Oh, no. It will take a lot of effort, because you will need to find out why your players are disliking / liking. Once you find out what they like, do more of what’s making them like. When they dislike, you need to find out why they are giving you downvotes. You need to make sure that your game does what it says on the tin. It needs to feature everything you show in your titles, descriptions and promotional images. You also don’t want to monetise everything because you want to give your players a chance at trying out your game and if they have to buy items to win, they won’t be happy. Try also making it easy for your players to “win” or make it easy for them to complete a few of the first few levels of your game so that they leave happy, wanting to return for more action. If they lose in your game, don’t make such a big deal either, because this can make them angry and then they’ll just leave.

So go forth,developers of the universe, make your players feel more comfortable and happy in your game! Drive those likes like a boss!

This is just one tip out of a whole bunch I want to give away to you all to show you how to land your game and get Roblox front page. Keep a watch on the blog and on my twitter feed @AlvinBLOX for more posts and videos about how to drive likes and more ways to get onto the front page so you know when I reveal more!

You can go directly to my Twitter feed by clicking here and if you want more tips on how to market your game and how to get on the front page on Roblox you can check out my YouTube channel here. I also offer quality HD scripting tutorials if you want to step up your Roblox game to the next level, which is great for giving your players a happy experience when they play because you can customise the features in your game to whatever you want! (this can drive likes too, if you use scripting to give the player a good experience!).