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The Big 31,000 R$ Gift Has Been Uploaded To Roblox!

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Welcome to this article about the Roblox Big Halloween Gift!

It’s that time of year again where ROBLOX builds up to Halloween by releasing a set of virtual gifts. The gift which produces the most debate is the biggest gift you can buy, for 31,000 Robux. In the last few days this gift has released and is called “Donum Praefectus”. So, what does this mean?

Roblox Big Halloween Gift

This is the Big Halloween Gift which is priced at 31,000 Robux. What does it contain? Who knows?!

Well, if you put the title of the gift into Google Translate, it will give you back the words “prefect gift”. However, if you put Overseer into Latin from English, you get “Praefectus”. This also goes with the photograph of the gift, which has an Overseer texture. So, we know it’s an Overseer styled item, but what sort? There has been some controversy over whether the gift will be a Dominus item, which are highly valued on ROBLOX. Here at NewsBLOX, we decided to do some digging and look at the statistics. There have been 9 Dominuses on sale, and only one is not a limited item (it’s offsale). This is the Tix Dominus, but this was expected to be offsale as it was related to Tix going offsale – so we can count that one out for now. Only 3 of the 8 Dominuses available were from Gifts, one of which you had to DevEx in order to receive it. However, for these gifts, you either got one of three items. A Dominus, Domino Crown or a trick item (bag of spiders etc). There IS NOT any type of chance with this new gift, which provokes thought on whether it will be a dominus.

Another piece of evidence that it might not be an Overseer Dominus is that there is already a Green / Black Dominus which is similar to the Overseer Style. This is called the Dominus Messor. Here is a photo:

Dominus Messor

This is the Dominus Messor. It has a similar style to the Overseer textures.


  • There is Donum in the name of the gift which kind of relates to the word “Dominus” in ENGLISH however this is otherwise in Latin. “Donum” in Latin means “Gift” and Dominus means “Master”.
  • The gift will go offsale after 4 days.
  • The gift costs 31,000 Robux and is considered the main gift for Halloween on ROBLOX
  • There is already a gift in the same colour scheme as an “overseer dominus”
  • There is no chance of what will come out of the gift as in previous years of Gifts unwrapping into Dominuses.
  • Out of all Dominuses, 2 gifts have rewarded a Dominus to users who bought them.



Who knows what will come out of the Dominus? Find it here if you would like to buy it:

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