If you’ve only just started out on ROBLOX, you should play some of the games created by the community. On this page you’ll find all of the controls for ROBLOX and what they do.

Main Controls


W / Arrow Key Up – Move Forward

A / Arrow Key Left – Move Left

S / Arrow Key Down – Move Backwards

D / Arrow Key Right – Move Right

Shift – Mouse Lock (Moonwalk!)


What is Mouse Locking?

Mouse Locking allows your player to move a different way than usual. With Mouse Lock set on, you can move left, right and diagonal without your character changing direction (like moon walking).

How can I turn on Mouse Locking?

To turn on Mouse Lock, you will need to enter the Game Menu by clicking the button at the top left or pressing the Esc (Escape) key. Next you will need to click on Game Settings, and click Enable Shift Mouse Lock. Once you exit out of that menu, hit shift and you will be able to start walking mouselocked. Some games encourage players to use Mouse Lock to make the game easier to play.