Roblox Toys For Sale in stores near you

Did you know that Roblox now has its own toy line? Yep, that’s right! Roblox recently partnered with toy company Jazwares to stock Roblox figurines and game toy sets in stores worldwide. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Roblox toys and where you can get them from, because who doesn’t want Roblox toys?

Roblox currently sell two types of toys, Mystery figures and core packs. Each mystery figure costs £3.99 in the UK and core pack prices can vary, from £7 to £20. All of the mystery figures are famous Roblox staff members or game developers. There are a few special figures, however, such as the Noob, Guest and Lets Make A Deal character which aren’t based off of any accounts. Each Roblox core pack is based off of a game or a scene in Roblox, for example the Work At A Pizza Place toy pack which is based off of the popular game by Dued1.

Mystery Figures

A Roblox Mystery toy with an unboxed Keith figure.

Each Roblox mystery figure comes in its own box which has one of the Roblox logo letters on it. You can collect these boxes and make the Roblox word once you have enough. Once you open these boxes you find a bag with a Roblox toy figure inside as well as an exclusive code which you can unlock on the Roblox website for a virtual item. On some mystery figures you may get a chaser, which is a rare code found in very few toys. These chaser codes give you an extra item for your Roblox character. Here is Roblox YouTuber Fraser2TheMax doing an unboxing of one of these Mystery Figures:

Roblox Core Figures

MeepCity Fisherman, one of the available Roblox Core Figure toys.

There are lots of different Roblox core figures available for you to buy from your local toy store. Each core figure is based off of a Roblox game character and unlike the Mystery Figures, you know what you are getting so you can choose which pack you want. Here is a list of all available core figures at the time of writing:

  • Matt Dusek
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Captain Rampage
  • Lord Umberhallow
  • Mr Bling Bling
  • Phantom Forces: Ghost
  • Hunted Vampire
  • Blue LAZER Parkour Runner
  • MeepCity Fisherman
  • Queen of the TreeLands
  • Skybound Admiral
  • Tim7775, Redguard

Roblox Game Packs

As stated above, each Roblox Game Pack toy is based off of a Roblox game or scene. There are many of these game packs available and each one comes with two figures and accessories as well as a virtual code for your Roblox character! My favourite game pack available is the Apocalypse Rising 4×4 vehicle because you can place your characters inside of it and it drives around. Here is a list of the current available game packs:

  • Roblox High School
  • Work At A Pizza Place
  • Prison Life
  • Apocalypse Rising 4×4
  • Zombie Attack (Playset, not an actual Roblox game)

Roblox 6 Pack Assortments

The Champions of Roblox toy pack

You can also buy packs of 6 Roblox figures. The figures featured in these packs are the most famous Roblox characters, hence the names “Champions of Roblox” and “Legends of Roblox”. The newest pack features top game developers each figure comes with it’s own accessory. Did you know Seranok’s figure in the Legends of Roblox pack actually has two accessories? Here is a list of the current game packs which you can buy and the characters which come with them:

  • Litozinnamon – Litozinnamon created Apocalypse Rising with Gusmanak, one of the biggest Roblox games
  • Gusmanak – Gusmanak also created Apocalypse Rising with Litozinnamon.
  • Merely – The brother of Seranok, Merely created Trade Hangout and now works for Roblox!
  • TheGamer101 – Did you know this account is shared by two brothers? TheGamer101 created Sword Fighting Tournament, one of the biggest games on Roblox!
  • Seranok – The brother of Merely, Seranok created Catalog Heaven and now works for Roblox!
  • Loleris – The creator of hit games such as The Mad Murderer and MAD Games, Loleris is one of the biggest Roblox developers out there.

Where To Buy

Roblox stocks its toys worldwide at many big retailers. We’ve compiled a list of all the stores where Roblox toys are available, so that you know where to go to get yours!

UK: Amazon, Argos, Asda, Smyths Toys, Tesco, The Entertainer, Toys R Us

USA: Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart

Australia: EB Games, Toys R Us

Canada: Toys R Us

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden: BR, Toys R Us

If you don’t live in these countries or there aren’t any Roblox Toys available in your area, don’t fear! You can try looking on online shopping sites such as Amazon to find your favourite Roblox toy figures. I hope you found this article helpful!